Our Field

Passenger lifts, goods lifts, disabled access equipment, escalators, moving walkways, vehicle lifts, vehicle turntables, permanent access equipment.

Our Clients

We understand your needs as a planner, architect, project manager, developer, MEP engineer, or end user. We provide a bespoke service that targets your key deliverables. To top it off, we can provide truly independent advice on the best solution for your project, delivering best value and best fit. We understand the value of a hotel room key, we understand the value of a square metre of city centre office; our aim is to maximise integration and efficiency.

Dynamic Lift Traffic Analysis & Advanced Simulation

We only use the industry’s most trusted simulation platforms and our methodology is always in keeping with the latest standards and conventions. We can offer independent, accurate appraisals of your potential (or existing) lift system, regardless of manufacturer or equipment type. We use real world survey data and customised probability studies to empower us to evaluate any building, regardless of use, scale or complexity. Unlike our competitors, we don’t rely on a ‘tickbox’ approach to lift analysis.

Elevator Planning

Traffic Analysis is only one part of the puzzle, lifts need to be designed based on common stakeholders’ requirements, firefighting considerations, evacuation use and day to day operation, amongst others. The control system has a critical impact on performance; we can cut through the jargon to find the best solution for a given lift group. We understand elevator use, across market sectors.

Existing Elevators

If your existing installation isn’t performing as you might expect, we can help. Whether it’s advice on modernisation works or evaluation of performance vs. design; Vercon has the expertise to resolve.

Specification & Tender Action

We bridge the gap between advice and procurement. We can produce tailored technical specifications to suit the requirements of your project and usher them to market. We critique the commercial proposals you will receive and walk you through the appointment and procurement process. We can also provide ongoing site supervision and contract administration.

Lift Inspection

We have the expertise to inspect new and ongoing lift installations for compliance with the design specification, applicable standards and general quality of workmanship. We have the tools and experience to test the kinematic behaviour of your lift, non-invasively measuring speed, acceleration and more.

Escalators & Moving Walks

We can provide independent advice on usage, integration into your project and ultimately help you negotiate a complex marketplace to get the most suitable equipment at the best price.

Vehicle Lifts, Car Stackers & Turntables

Can it take a Limo? How about an armour-plated Benz? We make sure all bases are covered to provide you with the best advice in building vehicle transportation.

Specialist Solutions

From disabled lifting platforms to building maintenance units, we have a strong knowledge base of specialist lifting solutions for the most challenging of project.

Our Experience

Why Vercon? We’ve added value to design teams and eventual client outcomes on multiple complex schemes across market sectors in the UK and Ireland. We’ve consulted on individual lift schemes with installation contract values in excess of £2m.

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